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Adriana Mata, Cuantix

Adriana Mata


Social work has always been Adriana's passion. Cuantix is born because of her drive to improves the measurements of social initiatives and is the leader of our efforts.
Besides been 25/8 focused on Cuantix, she loves bad jokes and entertain her friends. When she is not implementing solutions and generating ideas, she can be found dancing salsa!

Hugo Vergara


Has more than 20 years in the CSR world and is also a proveen entrepreneur. He helps with his strategic eye for Communications and strategic institutional relations. Has worked on improving and developing the sustainability ecosystem in the region. On his free time he can be found recharging his energy by practicing yoga.
Hugo Vergara, Cuantix
Rafael Angulo, Cuantix

Rafael Angulo


Rafa is the engine of our research and development, managing all of our framework, servers and network with the same passion he used to climb mountains. He has climbed the highest mountains in Venezuela, and also dances salsa and tango. When there is any energy left, he clears his mind by doing handcrafts.

Natalia George


Naty is the octopus of the team. She manages the day to day operations at Cuantix, and is the person to go to when anyone of the team requires honest and clear feedback. Nobody knows our software better than her. When she cans, she enjoys a good and chilled getaway with friends and chill.
Natalia George, Cuantix
Javier Graterol, Cuantix

Javier Graterol


Javi is our strategic chief, helping us create the future of Cuantix and the best way to get there. He is an agent of change inside and out of Cuantix inside and out of Cuantix and always has our client's interested present when helping us design our next steps. When he is not in a meeting or call, he is a cyclist and photography enthusiast.
You can also find him in one os his low-cost travels, where he gets to really experience foreign cultures.

Giselle Gil


Our leader on sales strategy and execution, she is always looking after our growth in Cuantix. She is passionate about adding value to our clients and growing the impact in our clients, which is why she puts her heart in giving the best proposal to each of our clients. She also loves eating gourmet, dance and a good morning run.
Giselle Gil, Cuantix
Alejandro Vasquez Cuantix

Alejandro Vasquez

Chief Consultant

Ale is passionate about quality. His biggest concern are the impact experts behind the software, which is why he leads the team of consultants to provide the best service and guidance to our clients. When hw is not doing research o reading, he takes the adventure to the kitchen, where he likes to try new dishes and recipes, or go outside and enjoy the outdoors.

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